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Bardot Plastics has been satisfying our customers since 1973 by "making it right the first time." We believe that it is important to understand the customer's needs, and then work as partners on any technical and sales challenges they may face. The managers at Bardot Plastics build an understanding of customer objectives into every employee level. As a result, our customers come to depend on us as an extension of their own operations.

We help our customers by taking on the technical faults they haven't been able to master and changing them into effecient production; by meeting a long range objective for production while flexing for JIT delivery; by bringing quality to the bottom line through finding better ways of making the product; and by finding just the answer they want on a color or shape rather than settling for a compromise.

Bardot Plastics is focused on Quality and Innovation. We were the first to develop an injection molding process to create plastic needlepoint canvas. We also maintain an output of products for the computer industry that must meet specifications hour after hour and day after day. We use the latest technology to assure the quality and integrity of all products molded for our customers, and raw materials are accurately tracked from production through delivery. In addition, our engineering staff works closely with our production team to maximize the output of a quality product.
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