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Quality Assurance

At Bardot Plastics, every employee has a responsibility to provide quality products to our customers. We work on the philosophy of continued improvement in every aspect of our business.

With respect to our customers, we start with a quality control plan which details our customer requirements. We add our quality systems to this plan to maintain conformity to these requirements. This in turn provides our customers quality parts, complete and on time.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service department is here to satisfy all of your production needs.

Communication with customers is vital for any successful manufacturing program. Our experienced representatives are always accessible any time of day or night. Each representative has detailed knowledge of your requirements and is here to answer your questions.

Our manufacturing software tracks customer orders from order entry through material procurement, production and shipment.

Part Design and Tool Building

We offer our customers a way to bring their products to market by partnering with leading industry part designers and world class tool makers. We review product design with our customers and are involved in the tool making process allowing major tool savings for our customers. We go where the best toolmakers can be found.

Bardot Plastics makes our customers aware of alternative cost saving solutions related to such elements as material selection, part design, mold development and relocation, and on-site at-the-press machine assembly.


Our production facilities incorporate the latest technologies in equipment which add cost savings for our customers. Twenty-three high speed injection molding machines with high speed part handling robots add more cost savings for our customers.

Our facilities provide warehousing and raw material bulk storage. Seven raw material silos enable us to purchase bulk quantities of resin at a much lower cost than our competition. These raw material cost savings our passed directly on to our customers which gives Bardot Plastics a distinct competitive advantage.

Bardot Plastics manufactures injection molded products from 220 tons to 1800 tons and shot sizes from 10 ounces to 607 ounces.

Tonnage Shot Size (ounces) Quantity
220 10-28 1
230 20 1
300 30 5
400 50 2
440 68 1
450 60 1
500 60 1
550 116-140 2
600 90 1
725 105-140 2
850 232 1
1000 232 1
1100 288 1
1500 362 2
1800 607 1
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